Writing Secure Code

art 4 –  Special Topics.
Having defeated the basic security threats, the Chickenhawk borne egg/application ventures out into the uncharted space of Advanced Security Issues, and meets with the Mothership Convection, which unleashes the full strength of the dreaded Frying Pan Armada against the dauntless egg.

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editorial illustration

Writing Secure Code

Prog. Managed Extensions for Visual C++ .NET

Debugging .NET Applications

Building Web Solutions with ASP & ADO .NET

Self Promotional Model of Myself, TOS Style

Proposed Easy Design Robot

Integer Designed for Global Skills Curriculum Series

Integer –  High Poly Head

The Bug from Debugging .NET Applications

Mothership Convection Inter-stellar Microwave

The Dreaded Frying Pan Fighter

Earl Pet'em Virtual Petting Zoo Video Game Box
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