Building Web Solutions with ASP & ADO .NET

art 1 –  Data Access And Reporting.
This is the first in a series of illustrations for the part opening spreads in the Microsoft Press book "Building Web Solutions with ASP & ADO .NET". For this series of Part Openers, the idea that web services are built solely to be utilized by other applications, lead me to create a science kit like box of simple parts with standardized hookups that could be put together in a variety of novel ways to accomplish different tasks.

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editorial illustration

Writing Secure Code

Prog. Managed Extensions for Visual C++ .NET

Debugging .NET Applications

Building Web Solutions with ASP & ADO .NET

Self Promotional Model of Myself, TOS Style

Proposed Easy Design Robot

Integer Designed for Global Skills Curriculum Series

Integer –  High Poly Head

The Bug from Debugging .NET Applications

Mothership Convection Inter-stellar Microwave

The Dreaded Frying Pan Fighter

Earl Pet'em Virtual Petting Zoo Video Game Box
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