Programming Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0

his illustration was done for the Microsoft Press book, “Programming Internet Explorer 5.0”. It shows the world composed of one single continuous strip, to emphasize the continuous and global nature of internet based communication. This illustration was accomplished using Freehand and Photoshop, and a grayscale version of it was used as decorative art for the part opening title spreads in the book.
editorial illustration

Building Solutions for Microsoft Commerce Server

Microsoft .NET Remoting

Programming Visual C# .NET

Programming Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0
technical illustration

Troubleshooting Your PC

Accessible Technology in Today's Business

Microsft Encyclopedia of Networking

Digital Scanning and Photography

Administrator's Companion to SQL Server 7.0

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Data Mining with Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Web Database Development Step by Step .NET
spray paint stencil illustration

Sam the bee sketchbook

Space Monkey sketchbook

B-17 bomber sketchbook

outlaw pickle sketchbook
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