Dumb Puns

 s I was beating my head against the pavement, as I often do while trying to come up with cartoon ideas, I was struck by the incredible novelty of using a cast of cute animals, dressed in regional costumes that say almost nothing but puns. Since this idea was too good to pass up, I knew that I had better stake my claim to this exciting and original method of Cartoon strip construction. Animals, Puns, I'm laughing already.

Christmas Card Comic - 2004

Shill Publications - The 22 Step Program

Space Dog - An Object Lesson

Tex Nihlio and the Speck of Dust
cartoon strips


Just To Fill Up Space

Cheap Ass Toys

Family Planning - A One Finger Salute



Mr. Smarty Pants (featuring Hamsy the Hamster)

Dumb Puns
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