Birth of a Vegetarian Flash E-Card

londie Flash animated cartoon strip done for Mobideos, a company that provides streaming video content for cellphones. (Blondie and Dagwood are Kings Features Syndicate). To view the animation I did of Blondie's walk cycle, click here.

print design

Microsoft Press Meeting Posters

"Seeman Deine Heimat Ist Das Meer" Goods

"The Pants: Eponymous EP" CD Design

Pixel x Pixel Marketing Brochure

Microsoft Press CD Templates

Documentation On the Application G.O.R.T.

I.NSPIRE CDDG Group Initiative Card

AutoRun and Custom Appli-cation Icons

Birth of a Vegetarian Flash E-Card

Freehand Iso Transformations Flash Tutorial

Blondie Flash Animated Cartoon Strip

Miscellaneous Animated GIFs
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